The tactical toolkit for managing complexity in environments of high uncertainty.

Welcome to the JUNGLE! (no, we couldn't resist that pun)

We help winners adapt by providing a framework for analysing and changing system behaviour.

This framework is easy to learn, use and implement. It ties into existing innovation processes by providing a clear objective and measurability towards your innovation objective.

We are a global experimental knowledge Lab for activating radical positive human and environmental change. Find out more here, here, here, here and here.

  • Reduce risk in early stage innovation processes

  • Identify leverage points for system change

  • Measure and monitor system change over time


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On the 13th and 14th of August 2020 we offer a JUNGLE facilitator workshop for only 270.- EUR.

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Matthias Wiedekamp Garcia

I grew up in Mexico City, a true urban jungle, but to me it was clear that I wanted to study in Germany. Now, after several years in the corporate world, I have chosen a new career path to follow the thrilling entrepreneurial path as a student and founder hoping to be successful with many ventures to come.

Matthias Wiedekamp Garcia


Malte Wagenbach

I strive to elevate the core Systems that shape Humanity’s Future. I’m exploring how our societies and political economy will change under the force of rapidly accelerating technologies and other trends.

Malte Wagenbach


Thomas Schindler

A childhood dominated by dinner table conversations around ion-channels, power-microscopy, nuclear war and ecosystems-collapse left its marks. Instead of becoming a rockstar, which had been the original plan, Thomas became an entrepreneur driven by applying the power of science and technology towards making the planet a good place. This led to a series of for-profit and non-profit organisations, initiatives and projects towards that objective which can be explored on his website https://thomas.cr

Thomas Schindler

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Thank you for your trust!

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