The tactical toolkit for managing complexity in environments of high uncertainty.

  • Reduce risk in early stage innovation processes

  • Identify leverage points for system change

  • Measure and monitor system change over time

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We help winners adapt by providing a framework for analysing and changing system behaviour.

This framework is easy to learn, use and implement. It ties into existing innovation processes by providing a clear objective and measurability towards this objective.

We are a global experimental knowledge Lab for activating radical positive human and environmental change. Find out more here, here, here, here and here.

The Jungle Academy is all about creating desirable system states and positively disrupting the world in ways that make it work better for everyone.

The way we engage, distribute, and share knowledge needs to be fundamentally challenged - we have developed a certification system designed to support you in advancing or stepping into your leadership and advisory role as a radical change maker.

In our courses, you receive the tools to take on projects and challenges that require a new way of looking at what is possible and to frame problems and produce innovative solutions in complex situations.


While we will all be working remotely, the world will not stop.

It is time to explore how to truly connect remotely and solve complex problems together.

This is why we give away one full remote JUNGLE workshop entirely for free to an organisation that needs it.

There are no strings attached, except that we have not done this before. This is an experiment.

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